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The AASPN welcomes your submission of abstracts for the AASPN 2023 congress in Yokohama, Japan. All accepted abstracts will be presented in the scientific sessions during the congress period.

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Due
    August 31 (Thu), 2023
  • Abstract Submission Due (Extended)
    September 15 (Fri), 2023
  • Abstract Acceptance Notice
    Mid-October, 2023
  • Early Registration Due
    October 31 (Tue), 2023


S-1. Ventriculo-peritoneal Shunt
S-2. Infantile Hydrocephalus
S-3. Plagiocephaly: Positional or Syndromic?
S-4. Intracranial Cystic Lesion
S-5. Pediatric Chiari Type 1: What is the Best Practice?
S-6. Non-accidental Head Injury in Children
S-7 Tethered Cord Syndrome: When and How to Operate?
S-8. Pediatric Hypertonia
S-9. Neonatal Intraventricular Hemorrhage and Hydrocephalus
S-10. Moyamoya Disease: What is the Best Practice?
S-11. Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring
General Topics
G-1. Antenatal Diagnosis / Treatment
G-2. Craniovertebral Junction Lesion / Surgery
G-3. Hydrocephalus
G-4. Dysraphism
G-5. Craniosynostosis
G-6. Arachnoid Cyst and Other Congenital Anomalies
G-7. Neuro-oncology
G-8. Epilepsy
G-9. Functional
G-10. Vascular
G-11. Neurotrauma / Critical Care
G-12. Infection
G-13. Peripheral Nerve
G-14. Spine
G-15. Global Pediatric Neurosurgery
G-16. Innovation and Technology
G-17. Others